Announcement of our campaign on the YHGs

by Malin Moll

Announcement of our campaign on the YHGs

Hi all!

Here you can find news in blog format to our campaign on the Yellow Hypergiant rho Cassiopeia. We are monitoring rho Cas since February 2018 and decided to start an observation campaign on this star.

We are Christoph Quandt and Malin Moll and we are doing spectrocopy since two years. Now we are using the LHires III spectrograph and we tried to find a star which is circumpolar and bright enough for our equipment. With rho Cas we found an interesting one!

There are not many known Yellow Hypergiants (YHGs) in our galaxy and their behaviour is also not well understand. These stars pulsate between the spectral classes FGK and when they are reaching a temperature over 7000K they can sustain an outburst with high mass-loss rate. The most common indicator for their pulsation is the temperature, so we established a thermometer with stars, which temperature is well known, from the ELODIE and UVES data bases.

Now we appeal to join our observation campaign! For more information please read the announcement on this page or the VdS forum.

Malin and Christoph

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