We promote and support the next generation of scientists and engineers. With the financial support of several industrial companies(our Sponsors) we offer the Spectroscopy Price for the promotion of young researchers for school children and young students every year. The prize is endowed with 1,500 euros plus 500 euros for travel expenses for a conference presentation.


Spectroscopy Prize 2016

The two question marks and the secret of dark matter - Spectroscopic determination of galaxy rotation curves

Winners: Tobias Schepers (18) and Kevin Hoffmann (21) from Berlin

An astronomical research problem that has existed for over 40 years is the abnormal rotational behavior of galaxy disks. Unlike Kepler orbits, stars rotate far from the galaxy center at almost the same orbital velocity as stars near the galactic nucleus. Using a self-constructed spectrograph, galaxy rotation curves in the sky are measured and evaluated. The data evaluation is based on the determination of the Doppler shift along the galaxy plane. The results will then be compared with the current state of research.


Spectroscopy Prize 2018

Design and construction of an astronomical spectrograph for a 1m telescope

Winners: Robert Kallinger (18), Matteo Kucher (18) and Nikolaus Webersberger (17) from Salzburg

A fiber-coupled spectrograph with garting revolver is being developed for use on a 1-meter class telescope. This allows spectroscopy not only of the entire spectrum, but also of detailed wavelength ranges.