Time series and forum

by Malin Moll

Time series and forum

The graph shows a section of the spectral range recorded so far by Christoph with the LHires III (heliocentrically but not systemically rv-corrected):

The range shows the Fe I and Fe II lines at 6431 and 6433 A, which we use for temperature measurement. The spectra range from 01.02.2018 - 02.08.2018 and have an average resolution of R~ 12,500.

The change due to the temperature is clearly visible - if the temperature increases, the Fe I line becomes weaker, if the temperature decreases, the Fe II line becomes weaker.

In addition, these two lines also show the change in radial velocity, depending on whether the star expands or contracts. However, we use different lines to measure the RV.

The reason for the distictive blue wings is a strong stellar wind.

In the forum is now a separate subforum for our project under Observations:


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