Our database makes archiving of spectra as well as their independent use and analysis possible. It is maintained by Otmar Stahl. Spectra for upload have to be sent to him directly. There is a simple search mask, the spectra can be plotted and downloaded. All search results can be downloaded as zip-file, as well. A mask foruploading is in preparation.

All spectra are no photos which can be opened via standard imaging programmes (IRIS, MaximDL...). They are ready to use one-dimensional and calibrated spectra in fits format and can be used with VSpec, MIDAS, IRAF, etc.

To place own spectra one has to send fits format in a zip or tar archive to the email adress of Otmar Stahl. The first time you send a spectrum, please also add a brief description of your instrumentation (telescope, spectrograph, detector) as e.g. in:

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