ASpekt 2019

Annual Conference in Salzburg (Austria), May 3- 5

We invite all spectroscopically interested astronomers, especially beginners and young colleagues. See also the invitation in our forum. We offer

  • a series of lectures on all spectroscopic topics,
  • a poster and instrument session,
  • informal discussions on the subject and
  • fun and conviviality.

Early birds and all other interested colleagues meet for exciting discussions already on Friday evening. A VdS membership is not necessary.

Information about the registration and the program will be posted here. A permanent exchange for preparation and further activities can be found in the Section Forum.

Please register at
Rainer Borchmann
: rainer (-att-) or Herbert Pühringer: pherby (-att-)

We have set up a fund for young participants, with which we can offer a confidential grant on request.

The conference is free of charge!



We meet in the new Haunsberg Observatory. The House of Nature in Salzburg builds the observatory close to the city, at the Haunsberg in the municipality of Nußdorf. It will be one of the most powerful public observatories in Central Europe.

The conference hotel will be arranged, but it is certainly close to the observatory. We ask that each participant register independently at the hotel under the keyword "Aspect 2019" and pay afterwards. When you register, you will be asked to provide a credit card number.

Salzburg is a city of culture with a long history and tradition. It was home of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ("Rock me Amadeus"). The city thus vibrates with culture and is a tourist centre of Austria which correspond to a city with a long history and tradition.

The astronomically uninterested "appendix" will be thrilled to come to Salzburg.

Special workshop: "Mozartkugel under the spectroscopic eye - Is the gold foil a fake?".




Rainer Borchmann

Thomas Eversberg





If some participants do not speak German, English will be the second language of the conference.


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