ASpekt 2019

Annual Conference in Salzburg (Austria), 3. - 5. May

As every year, beginners, advanced and professionals in the field of astrospektroscopy meet for the annual conference of the VdS-spectroscopy group ASpekt 2019.

We invite all spectroscopically interested astronomers to this conference, especially beginners and young colleagues. A VdS membership is not necessary. With lectures and a poster and equipment session from the participants (registration of lectures with the conference team) we exchange ideas and discuss open questions on spectroscopy. Information on registration and the programme will be published here in the course of preparation, which is currently underway. A permanent exchange for preparation and further activities can be found in the group's forum at

Collegial discussions between all participants are important and very stimulating for your own work. Therefore we attach great importance to the personal exchange, so that the journey is worthwhile for beginners or advanced. We exchange information about self-made devices and the problems they cause, but also about stellar physics and observations. Always communicated in such a way that as many people as possible take a profit with them. We put together several presentations from the participants and also offer a poster and equipment session in the form of a "market of possibilities". This gives you ample opportunity for a personal discussion. The evenings together also increase the fun and offer ample opportunity to make new contacts.  

The conference is free of charge. Interested young people, especially pupils, can apply for a financial travel and accommodation grant.  



Rainer Borchmann

Thomas Eversberg

Thomas Hunger

Herbert Pühringer

Christian Netzel




If some participants do not speak German, English will be the second conference language.

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